The life of people inside wuhan after coronavirus

Wuhan is a city in China from where coronavirus was started and spread in all over the world. The virus first emerged in Wuhan, Hubei, China, in December 2019 and then it spread in all over the China. lots of people in wuhan were found infected by coronavirus and still numbers are increasing day by day. This guy lives in Wuhan and showing you the real situation of Wuhan city in china. In this video he goes out on the streets of Wuhan to buy some food and after watching this you can understand the impact of coronavirus on the life of people in wuhan city of China. This guy also explain that, how peoples in wuhan protect theirself from getting infected by coronavirus?

So let's know, how's the life of people inside Wuhan after coronavirus. We all knows that, thousands of people are infected by coronavirus in china and all over the world, but what is the situation of that place from where coronavirus is started?. Let's know how coronavirus changed the lifestyle of wuhan residents.

The life inside Wuhan

  • To check live status of coronavirus infected peoples in all over the world - click here

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